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Lesson Plans

The Interview itself is the catalyst of the entire memory project, students often learn more than they think they will by interviewing their close friends and family

Once the stories are written, an effective editing team is vital to creating a set of organized and polished essays. 

Pre-writing is one of the most important aspects of writing. Learn how to prepare your students for their own Memory Poject Essay!

Learn how to be a griot, or storyteller of Memory Project Essays. 


When referencing Memory Project Essays, it's important to know how to use quotes from the essay to strengthen your own points. 

This isn't only a social studies project, check out this great English Civil Rights Research Paper Lesson Plan!



Peer review is always good for creating a final, polished essay. 



Poetry is powerful because it is so personal and reflective. Learn how to use poetry as a tool for conveying both history and emotion. 

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