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Student Produced Content

Elizabeth Eckford Walking Tour

The walking tour is a re-enactment of Elizabeth Eckford's iconic walk down 16th Street September 4th, 1957. All dialogue in the walking tour is from primary sources the students read and selected. The finished product is one of 21 drafts and two years of research and editing. 

Live Tweeting History

For the 60th anniversary of the Integration of 1957, the Memory Project collaborated with Youth Radio in California, working to create a 'Live-Tweet' script to be performed on Youth Radio's Twitter feed throughout the day. The script was created much like the walking tour, using primary documents depicting that day from several perspectives. 

Flash Stories

Little Rock Central High School Memory Project Students Malik Marshall (class of 2015) and Rachana Kombathula (class of 2015) share brief stories they collected from family members in "flash story" format. Both stories form a power pair, reinforcing themes of love in the face of adversity.

KWCP and Memory Project Collaborate

Over the summer some members of the Memory Project were invited to collaborate with the members of KWCP Youth Radio, a local station run by teens and couple Kwami and Clarice Abdul-Bey. While there, the Memory Project students got the chance to interview and be interviewed by the KWCP students, as well as having the ability to talk to Robin Woods Loucks, a white student who attended Little Rock Central High in 1957. 

Where is Asia America

    Recording of a spoken word project written by three Asian American students discussing perceptions of others and themselves. Produced for the Smithsonian’s project on Asian American oral history.

Kennedy’s Digital Story

A graphic arts illustration and animated video (by Kennedy Butler of a Memory Project essay written by a Vietnamese American student that discussed the effect of the use of the 1957 Integration Crisis as anti-American propaganda.  

Until We Take Down These Barriers

 A reader's theater script using a combination of excerpts Mr. Yada’s essay and essays written by Asian American students. The end of the script contains the student director’s notes on the selection and editing process of the essays as well as discussion of staging and recording.

UPI Story

Video interview with a UPI reporter who witnessed the 1957 desegregation crisis in front of Central.

“Raven’s Digital Story”

A PowerPoint of family photographs narrated by Raven Duda describing the mixed marriage of her southern white grandfather to his Taiwanese bride during the Vietnam war.

Born in the Camp

Transcript of the interview by Rachel Schaffhauser (Class of 2015) with Mr. Richard Yada, born in the Rohwer internment camp in 1942. This interview can be found in Mapping the Road to Change:  Insights on Perceptions, Prejudice, and Acceptance (2013)

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